This is what I was trained to do as a Marine…  To be prepared to go anywhere in the world where women and men are under the attack of tyrany and to be willing to fight – and die if necessary – to free them.

It is the noblest of causes.  It is the highest of all callings.

Of course paramount on every American warrior’s heart is the freedom of the American people.

At this point in American history (and at a “few” years older), this Marine won’t be heading overseas to fight for freedom, as we Americans are under attack right here on American soil.

Tyranny is advancing on the home front. We are surrendering freedom with the white flag of security. We willingly turn our eyes and cover our ears from the barrage of propaganda and lies from pusillanimous politicians and “fake news” media and our own Congress.

If those great fallen patriots, as far back as our War for Independence, came back from their graves, they would surely tremble and grieve for us.  

The truth is everyone wants security.  It is natural and comfortable to seek security.  But the government is not capable of achieving the security we seek. Government can only take our property, cut it into pieces and scatter what remains, as a reward for servitude.

Fellow citizens, the very worst part about all government attempts to make things better, is not that they fail. The worst part is that these programs always strip us of our freedom.

We have lost so many freedoms in the last decade.  Our government is enslaving us, one lie at a time. Government was to be our servant, yet we are quickly becoming its slaves.

A person of faith knows in their heart, that lasting security can only come from God, and not from government.  But whether you are a person of faith or not, in the true American spirit, we know as free citizens, that American ingenuity has conquered many problems.

As every generation of Americans did before us, we have the inherit capacity to band together to solve our problems, with our own resources, within our own states, within our own communities, and within our own families. As Americans, we know the path to security is freedom, not tyranny.

But in order to do this, we must be willing to fight for freedom.  We need candidates who are willing to serve, not as politicians but as “Freedom Fighters”.  We need men and women of courage, as elected officials to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies of freedom.

As a free people, can we solve our own problems and restore our country to prosperity. It is the call for all of us to be Freedom Fighters and Stand with Liberty.  Will you take a stand for Liberty? There is a cost. There is sacrifice. Will you volunteer to serve – and take a stand for liberty?

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