Blame or Build: The Politics of Moving Forward

Attacking China with a lawsuit: Interesting for political purposes, this could build a little ground noise to get the voters excited…but substantively is China really going to say, “I’m sorry—here is a few trillion dollars for our malfeasance?!” We all know the answer!

In the meantime, this distraction is avoiding the enormous challenges and threats in our own backyard. The greatest destruction to our economy is the shutdown actions of our politicians. That decision will cause the “Greater Depression” to go deeper and last longer, causing immeasurable suffering and harm. And these well-meaning but absolutely horrible decisions are under our OWN control. China’s response as the world’s soon-to-be most powerful economic and military might will not be pretty.

A little history: The Berlin Wall fell, not because our principles of “Democracy” were so inspiring, but because our economic strength and stability was unshakable. The Soviet Union was fragile and collapsed under its own socialistic weight.And now America is embracing the principles of socialism, suspending our Constitution and Bill of Rights, suspending our civil liberties, and causing irreparable harm to the freedom of the middle class, our entrepreneurs, and our once free-enterprise economy. The elected “leaders” are running our country as “Top Down” “trust me, I’m from the government, and I’m not only here to help, but to tell you what you must do under threat of arrest, fines and imprisonment.” Just as the old politburo and czars would do—what the old school would clearly call out as totalitarian dictators.

As for our mutual friend, our attorney general…Was he not just a few years ago a big proponent of a taxpayer funding for building the great “China Hub” distribution center in the heart of America? What has changed? Of course, the wind is blowing in the other direction!

A lesson learned the hard way, one I’ll never forget; the entire summation of the motivation of politicians:
1. Get Elected
2. Get Re-Elected
3. Get Elected to a higher office

So, on a personal level, I never cherished complainers from the consultant suites while the few warriors are on the front lines fighting for survival. So here is a vision, a mission, and a strategy where ALL of our energy, focus, time, and resources should be focused. Written and published today from my very good friend—an articulate, persuasive, fearless and spirited defender of Liberty.

Let’s put it all in the simplicity of Marine Corps speak: Shit Happens! It is all about: What’s next? How do we respond to crap? Stir it with a stick or get back to basics? Make America sound again—the core principles of our Founding Fathers—principles that have withstood the test of time for centuries—rebuilt again on the unshakable and eternal foundation of moral values. Make America Free Again. Stand with Liberty.

Just a thought my friend! 

John Brunner
Stand With Liberty®

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