SIGN THE PETITION – Stop Senate Bills NOS. 51 & 42

Strengthens government’s ability to put a choke hold on small businesses and faith communities. 

Instead of being able to operate as they see fit, businesses and churches will be forced to comply with mandates in order to avoid being sued for “recklessness” and “willful misconduct.” This legislation codifies the abuses that have taken place over the last 11 months. For example, if a church has over the 25% occupancy limit required, or a business doesn’t want to obey the latest dictates passed down from the CDC through County Health Officials, then they will be considered “reckless” in the eyes of the law and held liable for “exposing” others to COVID. Never before have people been held liable for exposing others to sickness (colds, flus, etc.), but this bill will make it mainstream. 

No citizen, business, church or institution in Missouri should be held liable for the contraction of a virus! 

SB 51 is on the Senate Calendar to be brought up for perfection today. Many across the state are concerned about SB 51. Hopefully our legislators will listen. Missourians don’t want to be under the ever evolving thumb of unelected bureaucrats and tyrants alike. Missourians want to be free to run their businesses and worship as they see fit. 

Missourians have to hold their legislature accountable. Call your Senators and tell them to reform SB 51 today— no one should be held liable for exposure and contraction of COVID-19. 

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