The Battle Cry

The time will come when Americans, in hundreds of communities throughout the nation, decide to put a few good men and women into office who are pledged to enforce the Constitution and restore the Republic.

The time will come when we entrust the conduct of our affairs and the future of our country, to citizen legislators who understand that their first duty as public officials is to divest themselves of the power they have been given.

Their aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them.  It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel the old ones that do violence to our Constitution, and have left us a nation in crisis.

They will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed’ before they have first determined whether it is authorized by our Constitution.

In a campaign speech, these patriots will proclaim:

I have no interest in political power.  I have no interest in growing government.  I have but one interest, one vision: to engage the one solution that never fails: Freedom!”

And when these citizen legislators are attacked for neglecting their constituents ‘interests’, they shall reply that they have been informed that their constituents’ interest is liberty, and in this cause they are giving it their all.

And in the end, these citizen patriots will sound the battle cry:

“Take courage, never give up!  The fight for freedom or the cause of liberty demands nothing less than victory!

Inspired by Barry Goldwater’s, “Conscience of a Conservative” 1963

John Brunner

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