Who Are the “Bad Guys”?

It changes every year, every month, every week…

Our political “leaders” prop up corrupt regimes with money and weapons, and American blood…. until it all invariably implodes. Then we knock out the old regimes, creating a vacuum of “leadership”. And the sucking sound brings in the reprobate, more depraved than those that were “removed”.

Now a decade later…trillions of dollars …tens of thousands of wounded warriors; too many resting eternally under military memorial head-stones, and the ranks of Gold-Star mothers continues to grow…So, does America have more friends or more enemies?

What is the scorecard of engagement after sanctions, bombs, drone strikes, assassinations, and unknown CIA subterfuge?

How are things looking in: Iraq…Iran…Egypt…Libya…Syria…Afghanistan?

Are we better off today than yesterday? How’s that eternal ‘War On Terror” going for us?!

America is at a dangerous precipice of “wars and rumors of wars” unknown since Vietnam. The shrill cry of a few senators on swivel chairs on talk shows demand we attack! But where?

Some say we need to destroy ISIS in Iraq by attacking Syria. Others say we need to destroy Iran before it destroys us. Even some suggest that we need boots on the ground in Iraq while our own soldiers are being assassinated by “friendlies” in Afghanistan….and the chaos of the war cries of the armchair warriors accelerates at a feverish pitch.

What is America’s role in the world as a financially leveraged leader? What is our moral compass? Is it time to get back to basics? Is it possible that we can rediscover America’s greatness in our Constitution?

The debate for war must be in the U.S. Capitol, not the White House. It’s the Congress, not the President that declares war. The Commander-in-Chief gets his marching orders from the Legislature. Article I, section 8 explicitly defines Congress as the sole authority to “declare war” (not authorize war), to “raise and support Armies”, to “maintain a Navy”.

In just over a decade, 58,983 dead and wounded warriors—America’s Finest—upheld their oath of office “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. We must demand nothing less of our elected officials who also took that very same oath to support and defend the Constitution.

The enduring wisdom of our founding fathers understood that only through the exercise of personal and individual accountability of each member of the legislature will America declare war. There is no greater responsibility of our members of Congress. Each must be held accountable in their every vote; “for” or “against” war. It is Congress that determines who are the “bad guys”!

To all those shrill political pundits who proclaim, “If I were President, I’d be killing people!”, “We the People” will counter attack with an ultimatum, our own battle cry:

“Defend the Constitution”!

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